Let’s put an end to “I will continue from where he stopped” – YPP Candidate for Ohafia South; Hon. Arua Goodluck

Let’s put an end to “I will continue from where he stopped” – YPP Candidate for Ohafia South; Hon. Arua Goodluck

The youngest Abia House of Assembly Aspirant who is contesting to represent the People of Ohafia South under the platform of Young Progressive Party (YPP) has said today on a phone call to 19Reporters that it’s time for Abian’s to come together and put a stop to “I will continue from where he stopped”

He said “Let’s put an end to “I will continue from where my predecessor stopped”. It’s slaughtering development in our State and communities. We all need to join our voices to change the narrative and become better.
External circumstances will not change until internal belief systems change. Let’s strive to become better than we are and everything around us becomes better too. Let’s strive for our community today.

The Under 30-years ICT Consultant who Declare to run for Abia political office in 2023 maintain Ohafian’s and Abia at large need to come together Let us sacrifice our today so our children can have a better tomorrow

We gathered that, in order to secure his back up plan for effective representation in Ohafia South, Hon. Arua is the candidate of the Yong Progressive Party.

Hon. Arua Who Declared to contest in an Open letter to his constituency stated that enough is enough in 2023.

He said earlier in An Open letter to the Great People of Ohafia South State Constituency.

My great people of Ohafia, “When politicians said that the youths should be allowed to take full participation Opportunities in Politics, people took such saying with a pinch of salt. I believe they never thought that another election year will come up. Now another election is around the corner and this is the time for youths to take over the affairs of the country at all levels.

The 2023 elections is for the youths, so this is Our time. Let’s call for more Opportunity for Youths.

“Having visited the 26 Villages in Ohafia South State Constituency, interacting and finding problems from the grassroots to advocate for best solutions, I think It will be a betrayal to our people, that I could speak for them and I never showed up to be employed to do so.

“Our Challenges has been given me a sleepless nights and It will be a great injustice to our constituency if I do not initiate the Rebuild Ohafia project of quality representation and after effective and due consultations, I throw my hat in the ring and ensure I make the best case for the position of House member of the Abia State House of Assembly, representing Ohafia South State Constituency and I need your support” he said.

I’m contesting to reinvent Ohafia through Technology, to restore the raped and lost in Ohafia Dignity, to create an unparalleled employment window for our teeming unemployed youth population, and to liberate Ohafia South from Legislative Redundancy and I will not relent, nor falter till Ohafia South State Constituency is salvaged.

I plead on everyone to join their voices very strongly in putting enormous pressure to end insecurity, poor/No power supply, poor healthcare facility, little or no payment of salary, poor education system etc. and support this project in any way possible demanding quality representation at the State House of Assembly now.

This should be our demand today, tomorrow and next. Till we see positive results.

“It’s about time to take the necessary action and correct the mistakes of our fathers “Enough Is Enough” We have had enough!!!

Source ; 19reporters

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