There’s this plan, very beautiful plan you’ve got.

There’s this idea, so awesome you could change the world by bringing It to fruition.

There’s this thought, so real you could feel it springing into reality.

There’s this passion, so strong you can’t resist the urge to go after.

Then, there’s this desire to fulfil purpose. To make impacts. To evoke good changes.

You trust your ability. You can do it. You are so sure about your prowess.


Afraid of what people would say or think.

Afraid of making mistakes and starting all over.

Afraid of wreaking havoc and soiling your reputation.

Afraid of rejection and having your esteem trampled upon.

Afraid of a lot things.

Your fear is valid. You have every reason to be afraid.

But then, for how long would you let the claws of fear pin you down and hush your voice? For how long?

Many people who broke the jinx and disrupted narratives weren’t the bravest and the boldest. They were timid individuals who marched ahead with their plans even in their trepidity.

Fearing the worst, with quaking lips, trembling hands and a palpitating heart, take that step.


Good start for a new week, right?

Good morning 🥰

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