Dear Strategic Leader, today, we talk about the imperative for exposing your mind to endless possibilities.

An old man came to visit his son in the city and when he was asked when he would like to go back to the village, he said he’d prefer to stay in the city because in the village, everyone around him was dead or dying so he is afraid that he may be next but in the city, people are going around boisterously living their full lives so he is encouraged to live for a little longer.

What views are before you? What do you see around you? What do you see? You need a broader world view to imagine endless possibilities. You need to see people doing big things to dream of doing big things. Your imagination is limited to what your eyes have seen. What have you seen? What is possible to you? What is the scope of your worldview?

Dear Strategic Leader, get out of your cocoon. Get around. Visit places. Travel and see. Read about exploits of great people. Eschew petty gossips and small-minded chatterings. Stop keeping the company of chickens when you carry an eagle’s potential.

So take every opportunity available to expand your worldview. See what great people are doing to know it’s possible and ginger your vision.

The world awaits your manifestation. Stop keeping us waiting.

Have a productive week ahead.

Sam Hart
Chancellor, Sam Hart Centre for Strategic Leadership

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