Dear Strategic Leader, today, we talk about the imperative for walking through your fear and keeping your head up no matter the circumstances around you.

The truth is that even the people you assume have gotten their lives together and are coasting clear are also winging it and taking life one step at a time. They’re doing it afraid.

This is because life is designed in such a way that we are not in control of what happens next so nobody can tell you with certainty that they have their life figured out because too many variables are out of their control. They can only plan, wish for the best and go confidently in the direction of their dreams.

Those you see and assume that they have their lives figured out have only mastered the vital double life-art of masking their fears and anxieties and walking in faith. Even they are not sure about tomorrow.

So dear Strategic Leader, stop projecting your fear and anxiety. The world is a jungle and prey-hunters smell fear and prey on the weak. Project confidence, faith and belief in your future and work towards it and the universe will align in your favour. Onye kwe, Chi ya ekwe.

To all those pondering on the next step and wondering what tomorrow holds, remember the words of Alvin Slaughter: “when you can’t see your way just remember this my friend, God can”. May God grant you clarity and guide you to know what to do to enable your path continue to shine brighter.

Do it afraid. But just do it.

Have a productive week ahead.

Sam Hart
Chancellor, Sam Hart Centre for Strategic Leadership

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