Call for support

Call for support

Good morning, afternoon and evening family,friends and fellow Crusaders.We received a distress call and a cry for help from Mrs Chinyere Chinedu Ogbonna yesterday October 13th,2022 . She is a poor #widow from Uzuakoli,Bende Local Government Area of Abia State,Nigeria.
She’s facing molestation and threat to life from her late husband’s brother who further has seized the portion of land due to her and her son by intimidation.
We are making frantic efforts now to reach out to her in her rural community and to possibly attract urgent intervention so she can get justice and humanitarian aid.
Therefore, we solicit for the support of all lovers of justice and fairness at this point. We need Human Rights lawyers and organizations, Women Rights organizations, Human Rights Activists, Faith Organizations,and other logistical support to create an effective and lasting intervention for this #widow.

Reach us for further information and possible support for action on: 0805 945 4989




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