My ordination vow, oath of consecration won’t allow me touch public funds – Bishop Onuoha

My ordination vow, oath of consecration won’t allow me touch public funds – Bishop Onuoha

The governorship flag bearer of the African Democratic Congress, ADC, Bishop Sunday Onuoha, has said that his ordination vow and oath of consecration as a cleric would not allow him tamper with public funds if elected.

Bishop Onuoha who stated this during a governorship debate organised by the Abia League of Professionals Initiative (ALPI), blamed the existence of Joint State/ Council Allocation for the lack of development in local governments.

Bishop Onuoha who said he would do things differently, regretted that monies meant for the development of Local Governments had been squandered by Governors through joint accounts.

” I will send executive bill to repeal the Joint Account because it has not worked for public interest. It has to be abolished!

” I will not touch council funds. Under my watch nobody will divert Local Government allocations. But I will tell traditional rulers and Town Unions how much their Council Chairmen get every month, and to hold the Chairman accountable.

” I will run a transparent government where everybody will know what’s happening. You don’t need to hide anything if you were clean.

” I will allow independent legislature so that every sector can run fine without micro-managing them.”

” I will do things differently because my ordination vow and oath of consecration won’t allow me to misbehave in government.

” I’m coming to put smiles on the faces of Abians who have suffered enough. I don’t need public funds for myself. I think I’m comfortable as a person. “

The cleric said he would use his personal integrity and good will to attract both foreign and local investors to Abia.

” People want to invest where they can trust the Government. So, foreign investors will stream to Abia when they see the Government they can trust.

” Abians in diaspora will be ready to invest in the state when they see somebody they can trust.

” I don’t pursue money, money pursues me, and when I become Governor, money will start flowing into the state because even the international community will be convinced that the Government they can trust is in power.

” Resources don’t go where there is suspicion. Donor agencies need to see transparency and accountability, and that is what I personify. Lack of transparency among our Leaders makes Nigeria lose foreign investors.”

He promised to invest in Aba and revive all moribund factories in the state for the needed internally generated revenue to effectively run the state.

” I will make Ariaria International Market the core of all international businesses in Nigeria. I will introduce the needed transparency and accountability in governance. That’s all we need to convince investors and donor agencies.”

He denied being sponsored by any person as being rumoured in some quarters, saying his cordial relationship with everybody should not be misconstrued.

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