Rule #4: Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today;

People are prone to comparison. From the time they are very young, they begin looking to their peers or competitors to determine their standards for success and

The problem? As Peterson points out, comparison distorts and destructs.

They take the singular accomplishments or achievements of others and measure them against their
shortfalls without the proper measuring stick of a complete context.

This is real life in an Instagram world. Social media is ripe for opportunities
to engage in unhealthy comparison.

Peterson writes…
“Comparison becomes problematic when it becomes a way to
repeatedly put one’s self down in the fashion of the ‘cliché of nihilism,’
where there will always be people better than you.” – Jordan Peterson

Peterson offers several strategies to help overcome constant comparison, including:
Aiming higher with your goals;
Paying better attention to the world around you, and Taking stock of circumstances and discovering possibilities for success or failure.

Rule #4 Summary: You’ll know you’re successfully eliminating unhelpful
comparison when…
“You are finding that the solutions to your particular problems have to be tailored to you, personally and precisely – Jordan Peterson

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