Rule #10: Be precise in your speech.

This chapter continues to build on good communication, with “focus” as a
key theme.

Specifically, Peterson writes at length about human perception and being aware of our circumstances.

In Peterson’s opinion, our perception of the world around us is very
limited. We cannot possibly understand the full complexity of any situation – only what we perceive with our senses.

In prioritizing certain information that is relevant to us, we employ a process Peterson refers to as a “necessary, practical reduction of the world”.

This isn’t negative, but it is something to keep in mind as we evaluate
what we believe we understand about people around us.

When our circumstances become chaotic or when life doesn’t go as
planned, “the dreadful inadequacy of our senses reveals itself.

Everything we hold dear crumbles to dust. We freeze. We turn to stone.”
But all is not lost. Peterson makes the point that negative, chaotic
circumstances can be an opportunity to create something new and beautiful in our lives.

Peterson maintains that the worst choice we can make when faced with a
the frustrating situation is to ignore or deny its existence.
Silence and ignorance (whether intentional or unintentional) are destructive decisions
because they prevent us from clarification and articulation.

When we ignore issues in our lives, they tend to grow and not disappear.

Eventually, these issues can grow so large they demand our attention.

The answer: Communicate clearly and precisely.
Rule #10 Summary:
“Be precise in your speech. [Speech] can give structure and reestablish
order” – Jordan Peterson

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