Rule #11: Do not bother children when they are skateboarding.
Peterson opens Chapter 11 with a story about a city that denied
skateboarders a place to skate. It even installed physical barriers to
prevent skateboarders from doing what they loved. While the story is literal, it quickly becomes
clear that it also serves as a metaphor.
In Peterson’s words…
“Beneath the production of rules stopping the skateboarders from
doing highly skilled, courageous and dangerous things I see the
operation of an insidious and profoundly anti-human spirit.” – Jordan
Building on this theme of acting anti-human, he addresses such issues as
gender issues as well as the patriarchy. (Peterson doesn’t believe the patriarchy is creating undue
suffering in our world today. He believes culture is actually the oppressive structure.)
He doesn’t believe any hierarchy – based on issues such as gender or race – is responsible for
creating winners and losers. Instead, he insists that people win or lose based on their own
personal merit. While Peterson makes some pretty bold assertions in this chapter, he
does back them up with anecdotal and statistical support that make the
claims feel superficially convincing.
Rule #11 Summary:
“If you think tough men are dangerous, wait until you see what weak
men are capable of.” Jordan Peterson

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