Elementor #2324

Elementor #2324

Our Next Study Material is the Book”Blue Ocean”
by W. Chan Kim

Blue Ocean Strategy talks about a new type of business strategy that doesn’t necessarily rely on gaining a competitive advantage over your opponents, but on innovating your way out of the current market to create your ocean of opportunities.

If we could describe today’s business world in one word, that word would be competitiveness. There are more businesses than ever before, and the world of start-ups shows no signs of slowing down. Technology allowed people to open up businesses with virtually zero costs, and so did social media.

Therefore, what’s left to do for any entrepreneur looking to start up their own company, scale up a business, or survive in the market? The answer may sound cliche, but it will make sense as we dive deep into the lessons:

To innovate:
Creating new and improved deliverables is the single best solution to implement in an over-saturated market. Instead of focusing on beating your competition, why not focus on creating new opportunities for yourself?
Blue Ocean Strategy has just what you’re looking for if you’re glimpsing to understand how to do so.

Join us as we share the lessons.

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