Lesson 3: Jump into the Blue Ocean and make your competition seem irrelevant.

Reaching the Blue Ocean is a big step for every company, because not only will it assure your survival in the market, but also grow your enterprise successfully, at least for a brief time. Innovation is at the cornerstone of every business, industry, and advancement of a field.

Innovation is essential to improve your world. Moreover, consumers are always looking for better products and services, so whoever is the first to offer a more spectacular invention is likely to grab the attention of the masses.

To start doing so you’ll have to invest many resources into R&D and switch your focus from your competition now to your offerings in the future. Do so through value innovation, which is a concept that implies creating a leap in value for your consumers.

When you do that you open new territory to explore for your buyers.

You can create added value by improving what you already have, which is great, but it won’t make your company stand out.

The second way to improve your customers’ lives is to offer new, improved products. A strong company focuses on both approaches to win over its consumers.

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