20th February, 2023My DayWithHenry Chuks

20th February, 2023
My Day
Henry Chuks

BUT, HOW ABOUT YOU? Matthew 16 Vs 15.

The question we ask God are not as important as the question God asks us. The question God asks us show the value God places on us. Many times when God ask us questions, it is to get us to see things the way He sees them. It is to get us to think like God. Your ways are products of your thoughts. God’s questions are revelations of our thoughts.
From “who do people say that the son of man is”, Jesus moved to the most vital question every man needs to answer. He asked them, “And how about you? Who do you say I am?” (MSG).

What you think and say of God is more important to God than what you think people are saying of Him. The question was for the disciples to convince themselves on how much they knew Jesus. It is not bad to listen to what people say of God, but how about about you? Who do you say He is?
Life is a journey of conviction. Conviction is a personal thing. Nobody can be convinced on your behalf. You do it yourself. Jesus wanted them to see what revelation of God they had. Running with another person’s conviction in life cannot really take you far. Your personal conviction (granted it is truth) is what will see you through challenges of life. Like Jesus pointed out in Matthew 7 Vs 24-26, the challenges of life will come to every one. It is not a question of ” will challenges come?”, It is actually “when will the challenges come?”
The truth you know of God is the foundation that will keep your life through the storms. Everyone, everyone will have his share of challenges. The disciples needed to answer the question because Jesus would soon leave them. What they know of him will become their slaying power. You really can’t know him today outside of His word (scriptures). This is a call to get back to your Bible. Who did you say he is?


▶️ Father I thank you for making me intelligent and discerning in knowing you personally.
▶️ I grow in the knowledge of God.
▶️ Grace and peace are made effective in my life .
▶️ The mighty power of God is working in my life, through my life, and for my advantage.
▶️ I exercise authority and dominion where ever I appear today. I am on top! Hallelujah!

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