21st February,2023My DayWithHenry Chuks

21st February,2023
My Day
Henry Chuks


Philippians 3:1…
There is safety in repetition, so Apostle Paul tells the church. I’m strongly persuaded that we need to look at this again this morning.

CONFRONT IT – Matthew 16 Vs 13-14 TPT

Jesus asked His disciples this question ” what are the people saying about me, the son of Man? Who do they believe I am?”
Jesus already knew what the people were saying about Him. He is the All knowing God. He searcheth every heart and tries every reins. So the psalmist says in Psalm 26 Vs 2 and Psalm 139 Vs13. He knows what is in the heart of man. Our unspoken words sound as loud as our shouts in His ears.
When Jesus threw the question at His disciples, He wanted them to accept the challenge of confronting Popular opinions. One of the most challenging things to do in the times we live in is to take a stance against a popular opinion. The deafening shouts of the crowd, the criticism from the majority, the lues and cries of the multitude, the noise of the ignorant, the rejection by the high and mighty, these and many more reasons make alot of us shy away from confronting Popular opinions.
One dangerous thing I see in my time is people trying to see the truth from many sides. You could speak the truth from many ways, but the truth must be seen in A PARTICULAR WAY. Any attempt to see the truth from many angles will lead into misrepresentation of the truth. Seeing the truth from many angles will be like the old story of ten blind men trying to describe the elephant by the feeling of their palms. The right angle to take to accurate describe the elephant must be whole. One correct angle only.
Jesus, the the truth of God, must be seen from a particular point and there after applied in different areas of our lives. You will be making a mistake seeing Jesus as Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah or any of the great prophets.
If it is not the truth, it doesn’t matter how many people that are singing it, confronting it, that the only way to stop it from being handed down to the up- coming generation.
A lot of people, just to feel belonged and accepted have swallowed falsehood hook,line and sinker. When something is repeatedly accepted it becomes a traditional. A lot of people are afraid to confront popular opinions because they don’t want to be “Man alone”. Well, you many need to brace up because the path of truth is usually a lonely path. If it is not the whole truth, CONFRONT it.


▶️I confront and conquer every false hood around me.

▶️ I stand up for the truth.

▶️I dispense truth to the saving of those around me.

▶️I have sound mind and I use my discretion wisely.

▶️I pull down every falsehood projected against my mind .

▶️My mind is steadily renewed, in Jesus name AMEN

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