LESSON1: Deep Work Is Important

Newport argues that deep work allows you to do two things critical to your performance in the information economy:

a)Learn and master new skills: Newport explains that technology and best practices become obsolete quickly in the information economy. In order to stay relevant over decades, you must continue to learn challenging new skills—which requires focus.

Experts have pinpointed several actions that usually lead to skill mastery: First, determine if your goal is attainable and ensure that the skill is relevant to your career. Then, find a method that aligns with your learning style and allows you to take on the skill bit by bit, instead of all at once. Finally, rely on others—find a mentor who can coach you and help you reflect on your progress.

b)Apply the skills to increase your output: Once you’ve learned a skill, you need to do something useful with it. Consider the simple rule: High-quality work produced = Time Spent x Intensity of Focus.

The key here is that what you do with your skill must be useful.

… To be continued

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