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Idea#1: The interview carried out by the author shows that most millionaires don’t inherit the money – they work for it.
The truth is that most millionaires are self-made men and women who have worked hard to get where they are today.

They didn’t inherit their wealth—they created it through hard work and determination, along with some smart investments.

The author states that the interviews he conducted with the millionaires revealed that most of them didn’t inherit the money, but rather worked hard for it. Most of these people didn’t come from good families, high-paying jobs, or famous backgrounds.

Instead, they lived below their means, paid debt quickly, invested early, and kept being consistent in their actions. Michael Phelps is a great example. He is the most successful olympian in history and a phenomenal swimmer. He trained six days a week for six hours, and people still attribute his success to luck.

Most people like to talk about millionaires as if they’re some sort of mystical, incredibly lucky beings. People usually prefer to think of such successful individuals as fortunate rather than hard-working because that comforts them. It means that they can justify their lack of consistency because luck is not purposefully attainable.

…to be continued

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