Lesson 2: The myth about millionaires going only to high-end schools, having all sorts of degrees, and working high-paying jobs needs to stop.

Millionaires don’t necessarily come from high-end schools, have a bunch of degrees, or work in real estate, finance, or other such jobs. The truth is that the majority of millionaires do not come from families with money. Some of them did not even graduate from college!

It’s time to rethink the whole idea of “wealthy.” Wealth is not about how much money you make; it’s about how much money you keep.

Here are some more interesting facts about millionaires:

Millionaires work hard and save their money. They don’t spend it like the majority of people. They make smart investments and follow a budget.
Millionaires know how to live below their means—even if they make six figures or more per year! They know that there’s more to life than buying things with credit cards or taking lavish vacations every year.
They invest in their future by saving as much as possible while they’re young so they can retire early and enjoy life later on down the road.
Millionaires don’t just have one job—they have multiple sources of income.
The secret to becoming wealthy doesn’t always consist of luck, a better job, or more of anything at all. It all narrows down to mastering these money laws and making the best of your income. For this reason, many of these millionaires are regular people who worked basic jobs. What made them wealthy is their habits.

…to be continued

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