Lesson 3: Not a single self-made millionaire lives by a victim mentality.

You might’ve heard this before, but millionaires, especially the self-made ones, don’t like to complain, don’t gossip much, and they surely don’t blame their misfortune on external factors. In other words, they don’t live by the victim mentality, nor spend too much time overthinking situations.

Instead, they’re men and women of action. L ess talk, more doing. Less complaining, more gratitude. The list can go on, but that’s not the point of this lesson. Instead, the aim is to make you understand that a winning mentality and a victim mentality cannot coexist.

To break out of this mindset, you’ll have to practice intentionality. When you’re intentional in your actions, you’re no longer sliding through life, waiting for things to happen as if you were on autopilot. Instead, you make them happen. How? By taking action and mastering your decision-making progress.

Much like everyone else, you too have to make decisions, so you better think them through and be confident in your choices. One way to start deciding when it comes to money instead of hoping the odds play in your favor is through initiating a savings plan, a retirement plan, and an investment plan.

Don’t just wait to get rich. Act upon it! In the same way you complain about the lack of money, you can start putting aside some of those hard-earned pennies. Even better, make them work for you! Set goals and break them into objectives, so that you have a clear plan. In other words, start deciding and ditch the victim mindset.

Thank you for following through as we enjoin you to look out for our next Review.

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