ABN TV Boss, Ifeanyi Okali ‘Goes Back to School’ to Celebrate Arrival of His Baby After 11 Years Marriage

ABN TV Boss, Ifeanyi Okali ‘Goes Back to School’ to Celebrate Arrival of His Baby After 11 Years Marriage

The Director ABN TV, Mr. Ifeanyi Okali is still regaling in the joy of the arrival of his baby girl, who was born on Wednesday at Federal Medical Centre Umuahia, 11 years after his marriage.

Dressed in complete school uniform, he visited Our Lady Of Mercy Nursery/ Primary School at Mater Dei Catholic Church Umuahia, Abia State on Thursday to thank the management and pupils of the school.

He was in the school during his birthday June last year when the students engaged in divine intercession for him, praying God to grant him his heart desires.

Less than one year later, his family welcomed a baby for the first time since his marriage in 2012, a development he believes is worth celebrating with the pupils of the school.

At his last visit, Okali also awarded scholarships to nine pupils, a pledge he has since redeemed.

Speaking during the visit, Mr Okali said ” last year I felt an urge to celebrate my birthday with children, sit with them and play with them, that led to our lady of Mercy Nursery/primary school being selected.

“There was a prayer by the pupils last year that motivated me and I think the prayer worked a child in this school (Honor Chimaobi Patrick) prayed, calling me uncle, daddy and today as a result of that prayers I am now a dad, yesterday the 10th of May 2023 my wife delivered a bouncing baby girl after 11 years of waiting.”

He advised those waiting on God to “be faithful, believe in God everything will be over”.

He further encouraged everyone to tap from his blessings and also see it as an evidence of God’s unchanging grace.

He appreciated the school with some gift items and an undisclosed amount of money.

Also Mr Okali gave Honour Chimaobi Patrick the sum of 20,000 Naira.

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