#ebereprettychallange – Over 100k worth of Prizes for grabs [OSULA song by Ebere Pretty]

#ebereprettychallange – Over 100k worth of Prizes for grabs [OSULA song by Ebere Pretty]

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Artist Bio

Nothing that is written here will do justice to this long-anticipated return of Ebere Pretty to the spotlight which he abandoned to create the new luxury fashion and accessories brand EJ Pretty, which is currently competing with international luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Armani, Hermès, just to mention a few. You need to hear for yourself this new collection of Afro Beat music Ebere Pretty just unleashed. From the first song on the album “New Day,” a duet featuring Nigerian American-born Ehaesi Ejemenye, to the punchy upbeat African drums and percussions in “Onye Oma.” Ebere Pretty unarguably is Africa’s best unsung prolific songwriter, vocalist, and rhythm maker. Ebere Pretty’s songwriting talent and undeniable raw vocal techniques can only be compared to superstars such as Paul Simon and Sade to mention just a few. His return is surely going to shake up the Afro Beat music scene since his first #1 hit song in Nigeria known as Olofofo (gossip) released in early 2004.

Ebere Pretty was born and raised in Olokoro Umuahia Abia state Nigeria. At an early age he has always said “I am going to be a star” and that stardom began when he was a chorus leader and later choirmaster of his local church. Everyone thought his first recording would have been released when he was about 11 years old, but that did not happen until after school, because his mother wanted him to go to university.

Ebere Pretty is more known through television and radio. He has had a long-stretched career on radio and TV that will span decades into movies. His voice was most heard on STAR FM radio Lagos and Ladies Night Out on MiTV, Looking Good with Ebere (NTA 2,) and his most notable TV show has been Dr. Love that aired on NTA (Nigerian Television Authority from 2004-2008.

In 2008 Ebere left Nigeria and settled permanently in Chicago IL. USA where he went back to school at the university of Illinois (UIC). While studying psychology at the University of Illinois Chicago, he released his first American album Scriptures and later Just Dance and recorded a few more of his Dr. Love TV shows in Chicago that aired on Nigerian Television Authority, from 2011.

As an artist, Ebere Pretty blends Hip Hop, Afro Beats, and Dancehall, in songs like Yari Yari Yari to create the new club anthem especially for those who love to twerk. Ebere Pretty’s sing-along songs are melodic because of his roots in gospel music and the simplicity of his rendition. His songs are originally written with his acoustic guitar and initially sound 100% folk, compared to artists like Paul Simon, The Police, Phil Collins, and Sade Adu. His distinct blend of dance-inspired House Music, R&B and Reggae-Dancehall is of no imitation to any other artist.

Ebere Pretty channels his work towards love and peace in the world. In 2018, Ebere Pretty began work on unleashing a new type of music recording that will be as he calls them, “Dance Ballads.” We are getting a taste of them in Osula. Ebere Pretty’s Music is a blend of beautiful, powerful, strong, erotic lyrics and voluptuous vocal performances that are rendered as dance ballads of love. EJ Pretty has made sure that the songs you may hear from now on, will be an extension of who he truly is …The Man Dr. Love, a name derived from his days as a TV and radio talk show host. Ebere Pretty who is currently based in Las Vegas Nevada USA and says that he will never compromise his passion for the less privileged, love for all humanity without regards to race, gender or ethnicity, and peace on earth. Ebere Pretty is getting ready to return to television any moment from now as the man called Dr. Love to international television platforms.

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