Chinedu Ikedieze tells netizens to stop begging him for money Nollywood actor

‘Someone was asking me for $35,000’, Chinedu Ikedieze tells netizens to stop begging him for moneyNollywood actor, Chinedu Ikedieze, popularly known as Aki, has urged people who frequently message him online to stop requesting money from him.The comedic actor expressed his annoyance in a video on his Instagram page on Monday where he highlighted the messages he receives from people pleading for both large and paltry sums of money.He claimed that one of his outrageous beggars had asked him for $35,000, while the other requested for $12,000 to open a shop.He said that he cannot continue to give in to demands from the public, because doing so would cause his financial situation to collapse given how bad the nation’s economy is currently doing.He said,” Guys I’m not happy this thing is getting out of hand, how can you people turn my DM to a bank. If I open my dm every time is bros please, its to much .”The way you guys are asking us for money is like we dont have responsibility, if I start to share the money like that, it will finish.”Anytime I open my message is either I see bros I need 40 thousand, bros my mother is sick. Imagine someone was begging me for $35,000 that is like 27million another one was asking me for 12 thousand dollars that he wants to open a shop””

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