Implement 2014 Confab Report On Community Policing, Restructuring, Shekarau Urges Tinubu

Implement 2014 Confab Report On Community Policing, Restructuring, Shekarau Urges Tinubu

Senator Ibrahim Shekarau, a former Governor of Kano State, has advised President Bola Tinubu to enact certain recommendations outlined in the 2014 National Conference Report concerning community policing and restructuring.

“I have gone through that document. It is 2014 during (Goodluck) Jonathan’s government. He personally handed it over publicly at Eagle Square to President (Muhammadu) Buhari and nothing was done about it,” the former Minister of Education said on Channels Television’s Politics Today programme on Thursday.

“I’ll advise President Tinubu to dust it up. May be set up a small committee to review it and see things that are doable. Most of these things that we are talking about are there.”

The former governor championed the idea of state police and restructuring that “allows bottom-up structure of government. There should be some participation of the people correctly”.

Shekarau, expressing approval for both the President and state governors contemplating state police creation, emphasized the necessity of community policing owned by the community, with the government acting as the coordinator.

Highlighting the crucial role of traditional institutions and community involvement, he underscored that the success of state police hinges on these factors.

Furthermore, he proposed an annual recruitment target of no less than 50,000 policemen into the Nigeria Police Force.

Supports Parliamentary System

The former governor additionally endorses the push for a parliamentary system of government, aligning with a group of 60 lawmakers in the House of Representatives who sought constitutional amendments on Wednesday. Their aim is to transition from the current presidential system to a parliamentary system.

“I would prefer the parliamentary system over the current presidential system. It would reduce our costs and enhance greater people’s involvement,” he stated.

Citing the United Kingdom as an example, Shekarau emphasized the efficiency of the parliamentary system where, in case of Prime Minister misconduct, swift removal or resignation leads to the election of a new head of government. In contrast, he expressed dissatisfaction with the current challenges in impeaching a President, calling for a change in the system.

Shekarau’s remarks on the 2014 Confab Report come nearly a decade after then-President Goodluck Jonathan initiated the conference to provide practical suggestions for advancing the nation. The national dialogue, led by the late Justice Idris Kutigi (retd.), commenced on March 17, 2014, and included 494 Nigerians from diverse backgrounds over five months. Despite the confab’s substantial cost and the generation of over 600 recommendations, addressing political, economic, social, and security systems, successive administrations have yet to implement its suggestions.

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